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After starting menopause, my digestive system felt that it was very slow and I was getting fatter and fatter, reaching more than 20kg over my normal weight. I started taking the Ideal Fit product and I managed to return to my normal weight and the best thing is, it greatly improved my digestion and physical performance.
Alex Larins
I was weighing 130kg and my height is 1.72. I felt very bad physically, my performance was no longer the same, I started taking the Keto Balance and I managed to lose more than 35kg in less than 40 days and what I liked most about the result was that it greatly improved my digestion, and today more than three months ago I finished taking it and I still have the result is another positive thing that I have noticed, which does not have a rebound effect.
Samuel Willson
Super recommended for people with diabetes, it helps me regulate my glucose levels. I had previously taken Metformin and the reactions were terrible because of the colic, but this product is super, it does not cause side effects. I am very pleased because it does what it says it does.
Sarah Lewin
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